Paying for restaurant and bar bills with PayPal

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Personally I think that the more technology becomes advanced, the more security issues will escalate. So more convenient, sure, but as I found out when I still had my credit card, the more places that had access to the number, the higher risk of abuse. It happened to me a few times and although I was never liable for someone online stealing the number, it *was* a royal pain to get it straightened out.

Now PayPal… I’ve had my account for about 10 years but have never been comfortable with anything more than transferring money to my bank account. When I do that, I know I have the solid cash and no one along the way gets my email address.

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It’s an interesting service. This looks similar to something else I saw that PayPal is offering – in fact it might be the same thing. They are now offering these little blue tooth towers that businesses can plug into an outlet. It will allow anyone with a PayPal account and their smartphone on hand to instantly make a payment just by walking in proximity to the store. In other words, if you ordered Chinese takeout, you simply walk over to the store and pick up your order, and the cashier can see that your payment went through without you having to do anything else. It’s virtually hands free.

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Wow… these advancements in technology are amazing! I hope there’s a way for security to become less of an issue.

I can’t even wrap my head around what may be coming down the pike next when it comes to new technology! It’s the kind of things we used to read about in sci-fi stories. 🙂

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Didn’t know you can pay with paypal now. However, if you have a card linked to your account, I think you should just pay with your card.

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I thibnk it is a great idea to pay with Paypal. I have been using Paypal ever since i started making money online.

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I’ve been using the paypal debit card for purchases and haven’t had a problem. Originally, I signed up because I was selling and buying on ebay frequently. I’m not very active on ebay anymore, but the debit card comes in handy for gas, food or anything a credit card can be used for since it has a Master Card logo. I haven’t used it to withdraw cash at ATMs as the fees are prohibitive, imo.

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I *totally* forgot that PayPal offers a debit card! I’ll have to check into that… did approval take very long, capitalist?

Are there ways to load it in addition to directly through a PayPal account? What are the fees?

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No, it did not take long, Mariposa. I requested the debit card on the website some years ago and it was delivered by mail about 4 days later. You can load the card for free from your bank account but that takes 4-5 days to show up on your paypal account – at least it does from my bank. For a fee, I think it’s $3-$4 or so, you can now load the card instantly using paypal’s MoneyPak service. You take cash to places like CVS, perhaps Walmart stores and they transfer it to your paypal account – I can’t recall exactly which stores do it, but there are details on the paypal website.

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I have a PayPal Debit card as well, since I use it to process payments for web design work from time to time. It’s more convenient than waiting for PayPal to transfer the money to your bank, which can take several days. Instead you have instant access to your funds. You also get 1% cash back on purchases (only purchases done online, over the phone, or in person if they require a signature – so paying for gas at the pump wouldn’t count for example).

There are some limits though. You can only withdraw a max of $400 per day with it, and you can only make up to $3000/month of purchases with it (at least with mine). It’s probably for security reasons I guess, or to slow down money laundering.

Fri, 11/22/2013 – 06:27


Very good to know… thank you, capitalist and OhioTom! That would be great to be able to load at WalMart or even CVS… it would make it comparable to the Visa WalMart “moneycard” I already have.

One thing concerns me, though… that max of $400 a day. That would mean (correct me if I’m misunderstanding) that I wouldn’t be able to pay a long business trip $1200 hotel bill with a PayPal debit like I do with my current card?