3 Reasons Why DD214 Forms Are Important for Veterans

Before diving into the benefits as to why it is important to sign up for the DD214, let’s first talk about what it really is. It is formally called the DD Form 214. These forms have been issued by the Department of Defense way back in January 1st of 1950. They are issued to veterans upon discharge. This form is for certain actions you’d like to take regarding your military history. Basically, this form states that the person was discharged and it also indicates the manner in which the discharge took place. The types of discharges include honorable, general, other than honorable and dishonorable. There are multiple reasons why acquiring this form is important for veterans. The top three reasons are listed below:

1. It Helps You Seek Employment

The market for jobs does not actively support veterans. A lot of companies do not hire veterans because they prioritize academic excellence over military skill. They are also seen as acclimated from the general community. The job hunting process can be made easier once you show your employer your DD214 Form from DD214Direct. The form outlines your history as a military man, which highlights your most admirable skills. You can use that information to attain a job. Some employers from government agencies and private sectors also refuse to hire dishonorably charged veterans. There are also companies that support vets by hiring them. Your DD214 form can serve as a proof that you are indeed a veteran.

2. It Gets You to Attain VA Benefits

The Department of Veteran Affairs has numerous benefits for veterans. These benefits are in recognition of the amount of service these military men have provided to the nation. These benefits include financing your medical care and providing assistance in purchasing a new house. The other benefits include funeral coverage. Military men who were discharged dishonorably are not qualified to attain these benefits. If you happen to be qualified, your DD214 form can attest to that.

3. It Helps You Reenlist in the Military

If you ever get the desire to go back about serving the country in the battlefields, then the process would be significantly easier if you have your DD214 form with you. Since the form serves as a record of your military history, it is basically as good as a recommendation letter. It proves that you have ample experience, and it proves that you are capable of fulfilling the duties of a military man. However, not everyone who was discharged can automatically reenlist back into the army. As aforementioned, the veterans who were dishonorably discharged can no longer attain this.

These are just a few of the many benefits you can attain if you get your DD214 form. The form should be treated as a social security card or birth certificate. It is an affirmation of your identity as a veteran. When requesting for one, be wary of organizations that might scam you into paying money for false documents. Always refer to trusted agencies that can issue these forms.