4 Things That Are So Much Easier Buying Online

Is it better to purchase a product online or at a brick and mortar store? This is a question we ask ourselves when getting in the car and driving to the store seems too big a headache. The real answer to the “which is better” question is that it all depends on the product you’re buying.

If you’ve already used and like the product, then you know ordering it online won’t be an issue. If it’s a new product you haven’t tested yet, making an in-store appearance is a better option, as you’ll want to see, touch and test out the item for yourself.

But the ease of shopping online has taken precedence in the 21st century. According to a report by comScore, in 2014 over 198 million consumers in the U.S. made a purchase online within the first quarter of the year. This represents more than 70 percent of the U.S. consumer population ages 15 and above. Reasons for why shoppers choose to do their business online may vary, but the two most common threads we’re seeing for people buying online is because they want choice. Consumers want a choice in product selection and price, and the only way to do that is through making comparisons online.

The Internet is for Buying Things

We all like convenience. It’s a pain to make that 20-minute drive to the nearest store for one item only to be told it’s out of stock, “but you can order it online.” Then what was the point of coming to the store?! You wonder, annoyed. Maybe ordering online really is all for the best. After all, where else can you find ratings, reviews and match pricing?

Still feeling a little uneasy about making your purchases online? Here are four products you can buy online without regret:


Head in to your campus book store and you’ll soon learn that a used textbook can cost you as much as $100. On average, American students spend $1,2000 on textbooks and supplies per academic year.

Instead of paying exorbitant prices for used books scribbled in the margins, type in the ISBN into your search engine and buy or rent a brand new textbook for half the bookstore price.

Concert Tickets

Modern technology has made it easier to get great deals on holiday packages, plane tickets, car rentals and hotels. Concert tickets are no exception. Instead of waiting in line in the rain for hours on end to get tickets to see your favorite band play, all you have to do is virtually head over to sites like TicketMaster, StubHub and the many other sites to snag your concert tickets.

Auto Insurance

Yes, shopping online for auto insurance is much easier than using an insurance agent.

It’s faster, nicer and uncomplicated to compare auto insurance online with price comparison websites like CoverHound. All you need to do is fill out some information about your driving history, vehicle and credit, and these sites will find affordable policies for you that fit your lifestyle and budget.  

Shopping online for auto insurance also allows you to compare policies from little known insurance providers. Shopping online offers you more selection. You won’t have to deal with any salesmen, and you’ll get to have a say in what’s covered under your policy. You can make your decision under your own terms.

Using a combination of online and in-store shopping can work for almost anything. But in some cases, shopping online is just the smarter way to go. You’ll get the product you paid for. Through reviews and price-comparison tools, you’ll be a savvy informed shopper who knows how to get what they want.