6 Reasons Your Business Needs Killer Video

Whether you’re in the business of selling lawn art or selling landscaping, your business probably depends on a variety of marketing methods to keep all your endeavors in the black. From billboards and radio to social media and direct mail campaigns, the ways in which companies court new customers and retain their regulars here in the 21st century is necessarily broad, but if you aren’t yet using video, you aren’t doing enough.

Like it or lump it, video is king, and in case you have your doubts, consider the fact that YouTube is the second most-used search engine on the Internet. If you care about your business’s marketing success, here are six reasons why you need to invest in killer video to get to the top, or, if you’ve already bested the competition, here’s why you need great video to stay there.

1. It Will Show (Off) Your Personality

Most people would like to do business with people they know, and many high-achieving entrepreneurs tout their ability to make business relationships feel personal as a key ingredient in their recipe for success. When your business invests in quality video — which you can get from this Tampa video production house — to tell the story and stories of who you are and what you have to offer, you not only get a solid piece of marketing material, but you show off your personality to potential customers and business allies as well, which can make people feel like they know you. In the same way that the baristas at your neighborhood coffee shop are part of the reason you drink the coffee there, letting potential customers get a sense of who you are will generate business.

2. It Will Show What You Make, Offer, and Sell

Even if what you make or offer is easy to explain with words, showing your products or services lets potential customers and clients feel as though they know what they’re getting into with your business. From food trucks and hand-printed cards to vehicle detailing services and tattoo parlors, show what you do in an appealing way, and customers will come.

3. Video Is the Most Shared Content on the Internet

Video is the most shared content on the Internet. Do you want to engage your customer base online more? Give potential customers something they’re likely to click on? Do you want to generate more word of mouth buzz on the Internet and at the water cooler? Video is the apple of the Internet user’s eye, and the more video you have — provided that it’s well-made and interesting — the more people will share it with one another.

4. It Will Reveal Your Superfans

Video will reveal to you who your superfans are. Superfans are customers who are so in love with what you make or do that they can’t help but buy in on a regular basis, while also going on and on about what they bought. Superfans post your product launches to Facebook. They tweet about your amazing service. When you have highly shareable content like video, your superfans will pollinate their networks with it, and then, once you know who they are, you can target them with new products, initiatives, special features, and the like, which will make your overall marketing life easier.

5. You Can Post It Everywhere

From your website and email newsletters to YouTube and Instagram, you can post a video almost everywhere in the digital realm, which means you can cover some major marketing mileage with it. Don’t think of a video as a single thing that people will or won’t watch. See it, instead, as a lightning rod that attracts potential customers to your online presence.

From a YouTube video posted on Facebook, someone can find your company’s website and consider doing business with you. From a tweet an old college friend shared, a woman can watch video on your website, learning about your company for the first time. An email subscriber can click a link to watch a video about a new product that he ends up purchasing. Because video can be posted everywhere, it can reach a wider number of people.

6. It Helps With Search Engine Results

While it may be the least sexy reason on this list, it’s certainly one of the most important. Video is a boon to search engine optimization, because Google and other search engines use algorithms that

give greater weight to sites with video and other high-quality multi-media content than they do to sites with just text. And, because video is so shareable, any time your company succeeds in making a video that gets shared a lot, those back links can’t help but send your search rankings through the roof.

So, beef up what the world knows about your business with great video that will increase your marketing muscle, brand awareness, and overall shareability.