A Guide on Buying a French Press Coffee Maker

In the coffee world, French Press coffee makers are popular, and the reason is because they are easy to use and maintain. You can make good coffee using this coffee maker, but you will find many types in the market that give you different results. The basic structure of the coffee maker comprises of a pot, a metal plunger, and the frame to hold the pot. Due to this simple configuration, they are easy on maintenance. There are not many differences between brands, but while buying you should consider the following pointers.


Depending on the number of people you will be sharing the coffee with, you will need to factor in size while choosing a French Press coffee maker. Some people have several coffee makers of different sizes. Instead of having different of them, you can choose a size that would serve your group adequately.

You also don’t want your coffee to sit in the pot because this keeps it brewing. If you are in need of only little coffee, it’s necessary to consider a small coffee maker that can serve your needs. To see more of the factors that you have to consider while deciding which French Press coffee maker to buy, keep on reading for additional guidelines.

Filter Mesh

The filter mesh is another area you need to take seriously while buying a French Press. It needs to be fine enough to facilitate the grinding of coffee without allowing any to escape into the pot after grinding. Pay close attention at the edges of the mesh to ensure it is assembled well. It should be firm and have a spring system that can keep the lid pressed tightly against the sides of the pot.

Most of the pressure goes to the sides, so this area should be firm. Many cheaper models require frequent replacement of the mesh and this could cost you a lot. See on https://coffeelovers.reviews/best-manual-grinder some of the best-rated coffee makers if you don’t have the time to browse through the different properties.

Thermo, Glass or Plastic?

The perfect press comes with a glass pot, because this is the easiest to clean and will never retain flavor. You can also choose a plastic pot if you love camping, but these tend to have a problem of flavor retention. The other choice you can find is thermo model pots, which are ideal for ensuring the coffee remains warm, but the water continues brewing the grounds if they are in contact, which could result in bitter brew. All these different types of pots are ideal depending on your situation, so evaluate your needs to make the right choice.

Choosing a perfect French Press coffee maker is an easy process as you only need to identify the key features to consider. It’s advisable to spend some time to find a model that will serve you well for a long time. Ensure it’s of the right size and also pay attention to the material quality as this could affect the brewing process. See some of the ideas shared above to get started.