Budget-Friendly Ways to Keep Pets Happy and Healthy

Pets have always been an important part of loving families and every year brings greater security and comfort for our furry or feathered companions. Services and retailers are expanding the ways in which pet owners can take care of their cats and dogs, resulting in less stress and more happiness all around. Thanks to digital technology, in particular, their world is made better through the easier provision of opportunities and information on pet care, not to mention an endless supply of animal memes and videos to remind us how precious animals can be to human existence. Below are three key ways to make your pet feel loved without breaking the bank.


The increased establishment of services that help your finances secure your pet’s health reflects their importance the most. One of the top companies for cat and dog insurance, for example, is PetsBest, as they offer a range of money-saving options to best suit your pet’s needs. Apart from reimbursing as much as 90% of vet costs, you can choose a plan that covers all medical situations or just illnesses and accidents. Surprise emergencies can cost a dog owner no more than $9 per month and a cat owner $6. On top of that, you get 24/7 phone or live chat support for pet help and information. Most insurance companies will provide the richest and most accommodating array of services they can for the simple reason that, as fellow animal-lovers, they know pets deserve the same care as any human being.


The first thing a new pet owner will usually give their companion is a warm place to sleep and feel safe. How vital a simple blanket is to this can’t be overstated, nor how cheap and easy it is to acquire one. Depending on size and thickness, cotton blankets, breathable and free from harmful chemicals, can be ordered online for around $20, if exploring local stores doesn’t provide something better or cheaper.

Pet clothes, despite their mixed reception, can, in fact, be a huge comfort for animals in winter, especially if they have hair loss issues, or short coats. Bodywarmers are an ideal investment for both cats and dogs that can cost no more than blankets. Summer also comes with its own discomforts for your pets, like hot pavements or hard hiking terrain, so spending a few dollars on a decent set of dog boots will boost your animal’s outdoor comfort and confidence.


Fun and games play a big part in the wellbeing of your pet. Different species and personalities are amused by different things, but, fortunately, this is a need that can be satisfied at barely any cost. Dogs have their sticks, balls, and runs in the park, while cats often appreciate more varied stimulation and exercise that goes beyond boxes.

The internet is full of DIY toys and constructions requiring the barest of materials. Cardboard, pipe cleaners, t-shirts, wire hangers, and other household items can create everything your cat could possibly want, from puzzles and wands to a cactus scratching post. Dogs can also be treated to homemade entertainment of their own – all you need is imagination and a passion for seeing your pet lose its mind over an exciting new toy.

Giving your sweet companion all the love, fun, and care in the world can sometimes come at a price, but the growing animal-loving communities and services are striving to help with every part of that effort.