Cross Promote Your Restaurant To Maximize Brand Awareness and Patronage

Restaurant owners now have more ways than ever to cross promote their establishment as a way to not only improve their brand, but to also bring in more guests. With so many new ways to advertise and developing industry market trends, it can be a little confusing figuring out the absolute most effective way of successfully promoting your business.

1. Use Receipts to Print Marketing Messages

Rather than simply using receipts as a way to let customers see how much they owe, you can also use them to inform guests of current and upcoming offers. The bottom of the receipt is also a good place to showcase new and exciting menu items or let your guests know which social media platforms you’re on.

2. Share Mailing Lists With Other Local Businesses

You’re never alone in the business world. Rather than ignoring or seeing other businesses as competition, see them as an opportunity. See if there are any local businesses that would be willing to partner with you to share mailing lists or send out joint promotional postcards. Reaching out to the local business community is a great way to lower the amount you have to spend on postage, printing, and production.

3. Volunteer Your Space for Local Philanthropic and Community Events

Not only is this a good way to give back to the community, it’s also great free promotion. You can provide the catering and possibly land some new loyal customers, some of which might bring in even more new business. Word-of-mouth is one of the most effective types of marketing out there.

4. Partner with Another Well-Known Local Restaurant to Host Guest Chef Events

Contact other well-known restaurants in the area and see if they would be willing to exchange guest chefs with you as a way for the both of you to give each others’ guests something new to sample. Rather than looking at this as potentially losing business, you actually have more to gain than anything else.

5. Insert Coupons and Inserts in the Shopping Bags of Local Businesses

In exchange for placing promotional offers and coupons in the shopping bags of local businesses, offer to share those businesses’ promotional offers with your guests.

6. Offer Joint Discounts or Promotions

Work with another local business to offer joint discounts and promotions. For example, create a joint