Declaring Bankruptcy

Wed, 07/31/2013 – 15:58


Declaring Bankruptcy

Does anyone have any experiences in declaring Bankruptcy. Yesterday I received a letter in the mail from a collection agency for a credit card I had back in 2000. In 2003 I thought the bill was paid in full but I was going through some emotional issues and could have been mistaken. The point is I didn’t know the bill was outstanding.

So that was ten years ago and yesterday I received a letter saying I owe over 7,000.00 to the collection agency. I darn near dropped dead. I am on disability and already have an outstanding credit card which I make monthly payments on. The problem is when I add the two together, I know in my heart I will never be able to pay them off.

So I made an appointment with a bankruptcy trustee for tomorrow. I really don’t want to go this route but I don’t see any other way. Is there anyone who has been through this or maybe there is another way. I am open to any suggestions or help.