Discover China from Another Point of View: the Country of Startups

The modernity is a unique time and place to live. There is a chance to implement any idea in life. Thus, lots of companies and big holdings have been founded by venturesome and adventurous people. Beginners in entrepreneurship are appearing daily. Those who manage to achieve certain success may receive financing as support. Alternatively, they may start a crowdfunding campaign.

Online, one may not only register a business entity or find inspiration and ideas for business. The life on the web is as interesting and amusing as offline: just check the spdate app and site review and make sure that even dating may become smart and effective. The artificial intelligence is the modern segment which has become the field in which investments are actively made, while the number of startups is dramatically increasing. China is the country which attracted 48% of all the investments in AI sector.

Advantages which Enabled the Growth of Chinese Startups

  • The government of the country is not paying particular attention to business when it is at the stage of initiation. Besides, the authorities are issuing the guidelines which support the local business and companies.
  • Application of technologies at a high level. In comparison to the USA, for instance, purchases from mobile devices are more spread among the Chinese as credit cards have not achieved such acknowledgment among the population. Thus, this stage was omitted. Even missing some steps in the evolution of technologies, the innovations are actively used by all the population.
  • Demographic situation, as China is the country where about 1.4 billion citizens live. The number of cities with a population of more than 1 million is 160. Thus, new technology is spreading very quickly.

The Most Interesting Chinese Startups

  • CloudWalk is the technology of faces recognition which has attracted a considerable investment of 301 million USD from the authorities of Guangzhou. Besides, the innovation is tested in cooperation with Zimbabwe government on how it may recognize the faces of different nationalities.
  • DaSouChe is the platform for the exchange of the used cars. In 2017, the project has attracted 180 million USD of turnover.


  • Laidian is the company offering external batteries for mobile devices for rent. In China, smartphones and mobile devices are so actively used that the machines with external batteries are daily used by 20 thousand people.
  • Tujia which is sometimes called a Chinese Airbnb. However, the employees of this company are checking the guests in and out of the dwellings themselves as well as check the conditions of accommodations.
  • VIPKid is the platform for learning English. Knowing foreign languages is highly appreciated in China. In 2019, the number of people learning at this platform will reach 2.4 million, while the number of teachers will be 280 thousand.

China is not as it used to be known a decade ago. This is no longer the country of the cheap labor force. This is the country of innovations and state-of-the-art technologies which will very soon become part of the everyday lives of people across the globe.

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