Friday Finds: Our Favorite Personal Finance Posts March 30 Edition

Today’s Friday Finds celebrates quality content in personal finance blogs. We’re sharing a few finds that are entertaining and informative by writers who really seem to engage their readers on a personal level.

Afford Anything – Sheer Willpower Won’t Work. Here’s Why.

Paula Pant is an award winning journalist who turned to building a real estate empire in Atlanta after selling all her worldly possessions to travel the world. She shares her take on Charles Duhigg’s book, The Power of Habit.
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We can’t change our habits with Post-It Notes, pep talks and Top 10 lists. We can only change them by understanding our human psychology – what drives us? We can only change our habits if learn how to manage our urges, rather than fight them.

Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance – Don’t be a Victim of Mental Accounting

Barbara offers us an interesting piece on the mind games we play on ourselves that often lead to making poor decisions with our money.
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Regardless of it’s origin or context, money is a commodity. It is the same whether it came from the lottery, Aunt Jeanette, earnings, or an investment. Treat your money with respect and spend it wisely. Don’t be fooled by mental accounting.

Beating Broke – Saving vs Investing: Investing for Income

In this post, B.B. helps us differentiate between saving and investing, and emphasizes the importance of investing if your goal is to become financially independent.
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Savings shouldn’t be shunned completely. I still believe that an emergency fund is an important tool. I still covet a debt free lifestyle. But, once my debt is paid off, and my emergency fund is full, you can bet the rest will go towards investing for income, and building my wealth towards financial independence.

PTMoney – Quick Money Tips: Break Free of Materialism

Phillip Taylor gives his take on all the stuff and clutter that we let weigh us down. He finishes up the post with a great roundup of great reads he has found on other personal finance blogs this week.
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It’s one thing to want to steward your money well so that you can live a comfortable life. But we need to deal with the root problem that got us into so much debt to begin with: our addiction to material goods.

My Journey to Millions – Don’t Be a Jerk Get Life Insurance if You are Raising Children

At My Journey to Millions Evan discusses the benefits of protecting your family financially through a well thought out insurance plan.
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For most relatively healthy young adults term life insurance is cheap. So, if you are raising children, are relatively healthy, are relatively young and you don’t at least have some life insurance you are likely an asshole. Sounds harsh? It is meant to be.

Do you have a Friday Find you want to add to the list? Weigh in on it in the comments.