How Much Wine Should You Drink?

Recent reports about the health benefits and detriments of drinking wine have been very conflicting and confusing. Over the years, there have been many claims that frequent consumption of wine is good for you. Some reports even went further to claim that drinking wine frequently decreases your chances of developing dementia. However, recent reports say there’s no association between drinking wine regularly and life expectancy.

A study conducted at Washington School of Medicine stated that drinking wine every day increases the risk of an early death by 20%.

How Much Wine Should You Drink?

Is wine actually good for you? How much wine should you be drinking?

Current guidelines state that you should aim to drink no more than 14 units of wine/alcohol a week. Tracy Parker, the senior dietician at the British Heart Foundation, says this equates to less than a glass of wine per day. She tells The Independent that current guidelines recommend that we drink not more than 14 units a week. This is equal to 6 glasses of wine.

Parker says the alcohol guidelines should act as a limit and you must aim to drink below the threshold. This keeps the risk of heart disease and other health risks low.

Excess consumption of alcohol has a huge impact on your health. It could lead to the development of various health issues later on in life. Dr john Larse, director of evidence and impact at Drinkaware, said that alcohol consumption increases the risk of accidents. Drinking makes you vulnerable and more likely to take risks. Drinking excessively also increases the risk of developing a number of health conditions. These include heart diseases, liver and many types of cancer.

He goes on to say that it can lead to weight gain, impact sleep quality, affect how you look and worsen mental health.

Overindulging in alcohol leads to a lot of health issues. However, consuming wine in moderation as part of a balanced diet is beneficial in the long run. You can drink wine while playing games at the best internet casino or while freelancing on your PC.

Following an anti-inflammatory diet including moderate amounts of chocolate and wine leads to a longer lifespan. This was discovered by researchers at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences.

According to the NHS, adults should spread the weekly alcohol intake over 3 days or more.

However, Fran McElwaine says the amount of alcohol to drink depends entirely on the individual. Fran McElwaine is the director of the UK Health Coaches Association. He says if you’re young and fit, your body processes a glass of wine easily. As you get older, your ability to manage alcohol decreases significantly.