How to find local eBay and classified deals

Are you looking for a chair that would go great with your couch or the perfect watch? Well, the item you are searching for may be closer than you think.

  1. Good Deals. Consumers often believe that the best deals are those that at their local retailers. This is not always true. Even when on shopping on eBay; you may be paying too much. An excellent site to shop internet retailers for the best prices is The Find. They compare the products based on your price guidelines to help you find great deals.
  2. Item Location. Always make sure you know the true location of the item you want to buy. eBay auto-generates locations, but sometimes errors are made. By talking to the seller, you can save yourself inconvenience. Also check the description as many times the location information is included.
  3. Be Careful. Stay safe when meeting someone to pick up items they have found online. Trust your instincts. Don’t meet someone you don’t know alone if you can help it; take someone with you. If you can’t take someone, meet in a public place.
  4. Freebies Still Exist. Some of the best things in life are still free. Visit local sites like PennySaver and Freecycle to acquire some of these items. You will find some items that are in remarkable shape.
  5. Priced Right. There are fewer bids on items that are Collection-only on eBay. This does not always mean you get the best price. To find out the correct price for an item you are interested in; use the search box and check “completed items” in the gray bar. This will show you all related items and their prices. Use this as a guideline for what you should pay.
  6. Needs v/s Wants. It’s easy to get carried away on eBay as there are so many items that look like great deals. Before you go overboard; make sure you really need what you are buying, if not, think twice. It’s okay to get some of your wants, but not at the risk of straining your budget.
  7. Use your local newspaper classified. Your local paper will have deals in your location.
  8. Craigslist for local deals. The best free classified local ad site is Craigslist. Some of the best bargains can be found here. You may get a better deal because advertising is free therefore, leaving the seller with all the profit.
  9. Feedback Matters. When purchasing on eBay; the feedback feature on seller’s can give you a great idea of who you are buying from. The most reliable sellers are those with positive feedback over 90% and a score of 30. If a seller has no feedback, proceed with caution if the item is expensive.
  10. Know Your Rights. There are consumer rights that you should be aware of when buying from a “trader” on eBay. There are full rights that go along with purchasing from a trader, but very few rights if it’s a private seller. Be an informed buyer by reading and understanding what you can do in case you have a problem with a seller.