How to Save Energy with Home Automation

By Tim Smith

Home automation is here to stay. Consider getting a robot vacuum to clean your floors if you are tired of bending down and hurting your knees. The possibilities are endless with technology. Check out the following tips to conserve energy and make your life easier!

Temperature Control

If your energy bill is excessive, it might be caused by air conditioners, heaters and other motor-intensive appliances. When your home energy bills are rising each month, it might be time to look at a few home automation devices. A good place to start looking is at a local hardware store. There is a good chance that the store will have different automation devices for you to buy. Each device can be controlled in a unique way.

Your home’s temperature can be controlled via your smartphone or tablet while you are away. Simply install a wireless thermostat in your home and get it set up with your smartphone. A touchscreen refrigerator can warn you if there are any issues with the temperature inside of it. You will need to contact a professional to install these devices for you.

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Energy Savings

After you set up a good heating and air conditioning automation plan for your home, it’s time to look at other automation methods which will allow you to save more money. Security automation

is often a popular choice for homeowners. With automated home security, you won’t need to worry about locking your doors when you leave. As long as you are connected to your home network, you can simply use your smartphone to lock every door in your home. It doesn’t matter where you are at the time.

Of course, your current locks will need to be upgraded to locks with sensors in them. You can’t simply use your smartphone to lock any old lock in your home. Many locks available on the market have a sleek look to them. Some of them have keypads on them for easy access when you’re at the door. Others can resemble a normal padlock, but still have a wireless display on them.

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The Future of Home Automation

Home automation has just begun to go public. Engineers are constantly looking for new ways to make home automation easier and practical for every homeowner. One example, is a carbon

monoxide and smoke detector that can send instant alerts to your smartphone when something’s wrong. This is a great idea if you go on vacation a lot or leave your home all day.

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