Marketing automation software tools in 2022

Marketing automation software services offer tools to boost your business growth and improve productivity and customer experience.

With marketing automation software, you can automate your sales and marketing processes to achieve your goals, such as:

  • Segment your lists based on behaviour, preferences and needs
  • Give a score to your qualified prospects
  • Cultivate leads through valuable content
  • Accompany your contacts throughout the sales cycle
  • Promote cross-selling and up-selling
  • Convert leads into customers
  • And much more

So that you can evaluate the different solutions, we have selected the best marketing automation software tools and the features that make them unique so that you can decide which one is the most suitable for you.

11 marketing automation software services that improve your results


Sendinblue’s marketing automation software offers you tools with everything you need to create effective campaigns that connect with your audience. It lets you optimize the buying process from start to finish, thanks to advanced customer behaviour data that allows you to monitor your performance and fine-tune your campaign.

The intuitive suite of tools makes it possible to create a pleasant customer experience during lead qualification, lead nurturing or after-sales service. With Sendinblue Tracker, you can track the users who visit your website and add them to marketing flows based on their behaviour on the site.

You can also create automated flows to send personalized messages that connect with different segments of your audience.

The visual workflow editor allows you to see your customers’ entire journey and drag and drop elements. You can easily edit based on the data you get in real-time.

Hub Spot

HubSpot’s marketing automation service focuses on inbound marketing tools that help you generate leads and convert them into customers. HubSpot’s features guide you through creating a complete sales cycle that fits your business and your customers.

You can design conversion-optimized landing pages by dragging and dropping elements with the editor and publish blog posts quickly and effectively with its built-in content marketing tools. In addition, it offers you advanced data that allows you to track the activity on your website to understand user behaviour better and activate the necessary automation.

And, as if that were not enough, you can get real-time SEO suggestions to improve your search engine positioning and manage all your communications with your clients in different channels in one place, thanks to the Conversations function.

 Active Campaign

ActiveCampaign lets you plan the customer experience from start to finish with tools to help you create effective email campaigns, automation features to run your strategy on autopilot, and a CRM to organize your contacts.

The platform has several features for each customer journey stage, from the initial contact and engagement phase to after-sales care.

Plus, it includes prebuilt, conversion-optimized landing pages and signup forms, targeting options to personalize the shopping experience, and A/B testing to see which strategies connect best with your audience.


Omnisend combines powerful email marketing functions but also SMS and other channels. As its name suggests, it is omnichannel. It serves to create impeccable digital marketing strategies in various media. Everything from the same control panel.

It stands apart from other automation solutions because of its features specifically designed for e-commerce businesses, helping them grow and nurture customer relationships.

You can integrate multiple channels into your workflow, create branded emails from templates, and use automation tools to run campaigns on autopilot.


Klaviyo is a tool created for e-commerce to improve customer engagement and experience. Combine, above all, email and SMS marketing services to establish trusting relationships with your audience.

The service integrates with the leading e-commerce applications and with Facebook ads. Plus, it includes prebuilt signup forms to help you get more subscribers and collect information about your customers to personalize your messages.

It has powerful automation features to create complex workflows and A/B tests. The most significant advantage of the platform is its customization features, which allow you to create unique campaigns and transactional emails.

Not sure if Klaviyo is what you are looking for for your business? Read this comparison between 

Klaviyo and Sendinblue .


Many know Marketo as the lead management platform, but it covers almost all aspects of marketing. It includes powerful email features as well as account-based and mobile-friendly marketing tools.

The best thing about the service is the customization. You can customize the content, messaging, and branding to suit your customers’ wants and needs. Everything from one place. Plus, it offers insightful metrics to measure every moment of the customer journey.

Marketing automation software
Marketing automation software


Marketing automation can be overwhelming, but the Autopilot service makes it easy for you with its visuals.

Marketing teams can streamline the entire buying cycle with its intuitive features. You can generate leads with signup forms, nurture your relationship with them using automated workflows, and create personalized experiences with targeted and action-based sequences.

To top it off, it has tools to automate repetitive tasks like lead assignments, appointment scheduling, and follow-ups.

The platform offers a multi-channel solution with marketing features for email and SMS, in-app messages and postcards.


Pardot is Salesforce’s marketing automation service, designed primarily for B2B marketing to simplify the sales process from start to finish.

It lets you create smart landing pages and forms to generate high-quality leads and includes email marketing options to segment subscribers and create action-based automated campaigns.

Its analytics tool tracks all activity and provides real-time metrics to see what’s working and not. It allows you to change your marketing automation strategy whenever you need to improve your results.


Act-On is an automated growth platform that helps businesses attract leads and convert them into customers. The service offers features to automate every step of the marketing process, along with detailed analytics.

It includes key features like prebuilt, conversion-optimized web pages and landing pages and smart forms for qualifying and tracking leads. In addition, its automatic lead qualification allows you to identify the best tips and adapt your message to them.

It also has several powerful email marketing features like segmentation, automated sequences, and a visual editor to include branding in your messages and information while cultivating a relationship with your customers.


Keep is a platform that combines a CRM with marketing and sales tools and powerful automation features to simplify marketing tasks. It focuses on creating satisfying customer experiences and helping you cultivate a relationship with your buyers.

Therefore, it has personalized messages that are automatically sent to new leads and automated reminders, emails and text messages. In addition, it includes an activity feed, so you know what stage of the sales cycle each information is in, as well as a centralized control panel with all customer interactions.

You can visualize the customer journey using a marketing strategy editor that allows you to drag and drop elements. And you can include different activities, such as social media campaigns, relational email sequences, and landing pages.


Eloqua is a marketing automation service from Oracle that enables you to create engaging campaigns for every stage of the customer journey.

The platform has tools to create online and offline materials. It combines them to create personalized and optimized marketing campaigns on various channels.

It offers an intuitive system for qualifying and managing leads and powerful features for segmenting and reaching the right leads. Plus, you can create dynamic campaigns that tailor the customer experience based on real-time customer activity.

Discover the power of marketing automation services

Marketing is essential to lift your business and make it grow. It helps you reach new audiences while increasing your brand’s visibility and building trust.

Using marketing automation services to create multi-channel campaigns is an easy way to execute all the pieces of your marketing strategy. All the tools on this list have powerful features for creating end-to-end buying cycles, whether reaching qualified leads or nurturing them to the sale.

The best part is that you can do all this on autopilot while focusing on other aspects of your business.

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