Saving money when having a baby

Wed, 08/07/2013 – 10:13


Saving money when having a baby

Hello everyone!

My husband and I have a four year old son and when he was a baby, he ate all the prepackaged baby food from jars bought at the grocery store. I had friends whom made their own food, but since I didn’t have a ton of spare time and didn’t own a food processor, I just bought what was at the store.

We are considering having our second child and I’m pretty sure I would like to make their food, because we now have a food processor and I’ve heard it can be cheaper and healthier. Does anybody have any tips or good recipes to share?

We also bought the store brand of diapers because they were much cheaper than Huggies or Pampers. Sometimes I would find a good coupon and the big brands would be slightly cheaper, but I could always depend on the store brand to be the same low price.

Does anybody else have any good money saving tips?