Soooo Not Happy with WalMart Right Now!

Sat, 11/02/2013 – 10:44


Soooo Not Happy with WalMart Right Now!

I’ve been couponing for a long time and printing computer coupons for years. The only problem I’ve had with WalMart as I mentioned in another thread, was that they won’t take free item coupons that are computer printed.

Until this morning that is. Checked out, and the checker started going through my coupons. Two of them wouldn’t scan. It was a $.55 one (no big deal) and a $2.00 one… (bigger deal.) The checker said she knew I bought the products, she remembered them. Called the manager over…

Bottom line, although I bought the products, the only thing they gave me was “sometimes computer printed coupons won’t work for us.” Grrrrr. I bought the products and the coupons were not expired… why would the customer be the one to take the hit if their machinery isn’t up to par with reading bar codes?