Technology Is Now Part of The Restaurant Experience

Today’s technological advances have people connected to their electronic devices all the time. More and more restaurants have begun to include tablets as part of their dining experience, giving customers the ability to perform all of the usual tasks completed at a restaurant right from these devices. It seems that increasing numbers of restaurants are catching on to the trend, and many consumers appreciate the ease and convenience of the added touch. One popular chain, Buffalo Wild Wings, is planning to have all of its restaurants stocked with tablets to be used for ordering by the end of the year.

Improved Branding

Many restaurants struggle with getting their names out there at the get go, but utilizing tablet technology can be a great way to entertain your customers and improve brand recognition.. While the trend is for more restaurants to jump on board with tablets, some restaurant owners are looking for different ways that they can customize the tablets that customers use in their restaurants. Many of the branding options that top dining establishments choose to use include entertainment, giving customers something to do while they wait for their orders. This cannot only improve customer satisfaction, but can keep servers from having to check on tables over and over.

Easy Changes

When a restaurant uses a tablet for ordering, changing up the menu is a fast and easy solution. In the past, reprinting a menu could be a big expense for businesses, but the electronic version can be changed without having to pay for brand new menus. This gives owners the option to add branding to menus that already exist without the need for a complete overhaul. Restaurants can set themselves apart from competitors by coming up with creative menu solutions that enhance the ordering experience and make it easier for all patrons.

Improved Feedback

Managers and owners are always on the lookout for things that can be changed to make their restaurant function more efficiently, and tablets at the table can help them do just that. With real-time feedback, they can solve problems and come up with solutions without having to ask customers. If service is poor, customers can easily let management know and the problem can be resolved within minutes. This focus on improving service gives managers the ability to simultaneously improve operations within the restaurant.


Thanks to today’s technology, restaurants can integrate their menus with entertainment options, ordering options and even deals. Some establishments incorporate special discounts for customers who order certain dishes. For example, a certain meal may unlock a secret level on one of the tablet’s

pre-downloaded apps. The interaction between the company and the consumer can go a long way in keeping customers happy with the experience that they have at a restaurant.

For many restaurateurs, keeping up with the times is essential to keeping business running smoothly. As increasing numbers of restaurants begin to include tablets as part of their dining operations, diners can expect to see a streamlined ordering, waiting and paying process that could result in a more enjoyable time out on the town with friends and family.