Tips on saving money on coupons

Are you looking to save some money the next time you go grocery shopping? Coupons may be able to save a significant part of your shopping expenses, at times slashing your bills by 30 percent or more. Read on to know more about saving money with coupons.

Look for coupons for things you will really use

You can try other brands and experiment, but when you look for coupons it is best to stick to things that you will really use. Do not buy unwanted items just to get those extra coupons; they are not worth it in the long run. In fact, cutting down on these extra items itself can help save you lots of money.

Find good coupon sites

There are lots of amazing coupon websites like, where you find incredible deals. Pick some reliable and trustworthy sites and make sure to visit them regularly. You can also find coupons on retailer and manufacturer website, but it is best to get them at Frugaa or other coupon issuer websites, since they offer more coupons at one spot. The best time to hit these websites is at the beginning of the month since some manufacturers ask issuers to cap the number of coupons. If you are early, you get to pick the best and biggest coupons. Even if you are late to the party, check these sites a few times a week since new offers come in on an almost daily basis. Do not forget to check Frugaa marketplace for handpicked products available at great discount.

Focus on the manufacturer of your favorite brands

By targeting specific brands and manufacturers, you get to narrow down your coupon search to the most effective ones. You may not find them as easily as you would if you followed a broader approach, but the coupons you do find help save you more money and waste less. You can give your email or snail mail address to these coupon websites and the sites of the manufacturers you are focusing on. This way, you get intimation of new offers and coupons and you may even get some additional coupons.

Combine your coupons with sales and store specials

Many coupons have restrictions on what you can combine them with, but a majority of them can be combined with store specials and discounts for maximum savings. If you have coupons in hand and a sale coming up soon, do not miss the opportunity. Also keep in mind what stores around you see the items you need at the cheapest price without coupons or sales and which stores offer to match competitor prices.

Visit supermarket and retailer sites

When you are hunting for coupons, you should not rule out any possibility. This includes supermarket and retailer website. Many of them have store coupons and other offers available on their site. At the very least, you get to know their weekly specials and when their next sale is scheduled. This goes for big box retailers and drug stores as well.

Get double coupons

Many stores offer double coupons on a regular basis or on certain days. There is usually a limit on how many coupons can be doubled up or how much they can be doubled up on. Find out what is the policy at the stores you frequent and ask them for doubles.