UK- the capital for slots online?

Submitted by ConsumerFu on Wed, 07/06/2016 – 08:42

If you like to gamble online you might be aware of the fact that you can get a lot of money via casino bonuses. These bonuses can be worth hundreds and sometimes even thousands.

If you live in a country where online casinos are legal you’ve probably been bombarded with online casino commercials for years. The casinos want you to think that their product is different and better than their competitors. But when you go online and compare the casino games offered in one casino with the casino games offered in another, you’ll often find that they have the exact same games. This is because the casino operators rarely produce their own games. Instead they rent the games from casino game developers. Two of the largest and most popular casino game developers are Net Entertainment and Microgaming. It is very likely that your favorite casino co-operates with both of them.

So of the games are the same, what’s really different? The bonus offers. This is how the casino operators compete with each other. They try to offer huge bonuses with free spins, free money and various other things. The market has become really competitive and that is why you can find some huge bonus offers today.

Britain – the capital of slots online

The UK is a country known for its gambling crazy population. In the golden poker era several high stakes professionals from the UK rose to prominence in the online poker community. Some casinos, such as NetBet, offer slots online, with potentially hundreds of free spins available. As such, you can get started for free, and even walk away with cash having risked nothing.