Why Social Media is Even More Important for Businesses in 2016

If you are a small business with an online presence – which is the new normal today – you have most likely heard about how important it is for you to keep in contact with your customers through social networks. The new year has come, though, and the importance of going social is growing even more. No matter if you are a blogger reviewing the games at allslotscasino.com or an entrepreneur offering various online services or apps, social media should occupy an important place in your growth strategy in 2016.

Last year we saw a huge boom in the social media industry. Facebook is now used by over 1 billion people every day, and more than 80% of small businesses have at least some level of social presence. When it comes to major global brands, almost all of them have a social media presence. While 2015 was a big year for social media, 2016 will be even bigger, with the industry having a major impact on how companies promote their products and services online.

Advertising on social networks is becoming almost as used as Google’s own online advertising tools. This new interest in social ads will not only determine even more companies to turn to them in 2016. Social networks are also expected to introduce new advertising functions, allowing companies to communicate more efficiently with their customers.

But social networks are not only a place for advertising – they can double as points of sale, too. Last year Facebook and Pinterest have introduced fresh functions allowing their users to sell their products using their platform. Mobile users of the two social networks can see the products they like in a sponsored post and buy them with a single tap. Instagram is expected to introduce a similar feature soon, and other social networks are set to follow suite. Social following will no longer be just another way to keep in touch and promote new products and services, but an important tool that can reach out to customers and sell at the same time.

Changes are expected on the customer side as well. With social networks upping their effort to provide viable selling opportunities to companies, users will also get used to having the possibility to buy their products with one tap. Soon they will start seeking out products that they can purchase without leaving their favorite social network. This means that having a social presence is not only recommended, but a must.