4 simple ways to increase how much you save

Watching savings account balances go down could be a disheartening experience. Taking just a couple additional minutes every couple of days, though, could help you save a substantial amount of cash. Look no further, all the information you’ll need is at http://www.matchfinancial.com

1 – Saving instantly

Rather than having a direct deposit into your bank account, direct deposit into your savings account. Then, each month, transfer the cash you have budgeted into your checking account. When you go over budget, it is a lot more work to transfer the cash into your checking account, which could change your mind.

2 – Automatic contributions

Set up a regular, automatic contribution to your retirement or savings accounts that comes out of your accounts electronically. Ensuring that the money gets contributed means that you can budget as though it was never as part of your account, and you can treat it as such.

3 – Money over car

Use money rather than a card. Debit and charge cards are there specifically to give you disconnect with money. With cash with your hands, you will see exactly how the cash is leaving you. You will be able to make real-time decisions. Only pull out enough spending money for the budget that month at the ATM or bank.

4 – Clean out pockets of change

Save all the change that you get in one jar. Eventually, pennies add up. You are able to take the jar, once it is full, to a CoinStar or other machine to count the coins for a fee. Most banks have a change counter for you to count your money for free. Then, it could be deposited into your account more effortlessly. Start savings those coins, and also you will start to save more cash.