6 Super Easy and Simple Travel Tips

Almost all of the articles about the traveling receive comments, whose authors are outraged that only people with bags of money can travel like that and enjoy life. However, the truth is that a well-planned trip does not necessarily require all of your savings.

In this article, prepared by cheap traveling experts from Travel Ticker, you will find six tips to help you visit all of the dreamed places you wanted a long time ago even with a very limited budget.

1. Avoid travel agents and intermediaries

The first and basic rule here is to organize a trip by yourself. At this beautiful day and age with the Internet, you can find all the information you need to plan your trip, so it is certainly not worth paying money to travel agents.

Moreover, an increasing number of travel agencies only buy flight tickets at airline’s website and reserve the hotel on your behalf through all available reservation systems. All that you can do by yourself and avoid unnecessary fees from people who to elementary tasks!

2. Fly with low-cost airlines

If you choose to fly with Wizzair, Ryanair, Norwegian or other budget and low costs airlines you can reach your desired destination a lot cheaper compared with regular airlines. To be fair, it should be kept in mind that flight prices of these airlines services change very quickly. It is, therefore, worthwhile to continuously monitor the prices in your chosen direction, and once you see a good deal book it immediately. All of the taxes are included in the price of a ticket, so you can only print the travel document and go straight to the airport.

3. Plan Housing in advance

Once you buy a plane ticket, it is worth to arrange accommodation immediately as well. Quite simply, it can be done at our friends from Travel Ticker website. It is also worth to compare hotels at particular comparison system sites, where you will find a dozen of offers suitable for your budget and needs.

Airbnb and Couchsurfing portals provide a way of getting a bed at locals’ houses. You can rent the whole house or apartment or just be hosted by friendly local people at their home. This is probably the best way to learn more about the destination and experience the local life. However, if during the trip you would like a bit of privacy, this is probably not the best choice.

Well, while traveling in the summer you can take advantage of a classic decision – take a tent, sleeping bag and choose the location where you would like to stay overnight by yourself!

4. Eat away from the city center

Usually, in the city center you will find the most expensive, but not necessarily the best restaurants and cafes. So naturally, it is really worth to move away from the city center, and look for other places to enjoy great food with the prices smaller at least by half. Restaurants located at local living areas will provide you with authentic food and a chance to meet with local residents. Also, there you can at least for a moment, feel like one of them.

It is also worth knowing that in most youth hotels you can find guests’ kitchen. That can be used as a way to save money for food as well. After shopping at a nearby supermarket, you can prepare yourself a delicious breakfast and dinner without overpaying for bad and not always the most traditional food abroad.

5. Go off-season

When the holiday season is in full swing flight, accommodation, and other services prices are significantly higher. In the most popular destinations, you will have to deal with huge crowds of annoying tourists, and you won’t have any chance to find a nice place on a beach as well. All this you can avoid by traveling before the start of the season or shortly after. For example, in the southern Europe, the weather is great until the end of October, so there is no need to travel there during the summer. The same goes with Caribbean region and other exotic countries. So – look when the off-season is in a different corner of the world and travel only when!

6. Pack your hand luggage

When traveling with a low-cost airline, you can take only one hand luggage for free and without any fees. And you know what? During the summer or at the beginning of fall, that small handbag is really enough for a week! If you can not fit all, do not rush to buy additional checked baggage. Place all items and choose only the minimum. Surely there is no need to take five pairs of shoes with you. On the other hand, you can also wear a few layers on you and walk like that to the plane – that way you will safe space in the bag and get all the clothes you need.