Learning What Specialty Insurance Is and Why You Need It

There is definitely no shortage of different types of insurance. However, most people only pay attention to the common types of insurance such as car, home and life insurance. Another type of insurance, however, is specialty insurance. This is something that organizations, individuals and businesses buy to protect themselves against financial losses. This type of insurance is designed to go above and beyond traditional insurance policies and protect people from things for which other insurance companies would have a hard time figuring out the risk involved. Here is a more in-depth look at specialty insurance.

What Does Specialty Insurance Cover?

This is a difficult question to answer because specialty insurance can cover a lot of unusual things, from rare and unique items to events. This is why companies that hold sporting or music events buy specialty insurance. It protect them from mishaps that might happen while their events are going on. For consumers, specialty insurance can be used to cover amateur sports, antiques, travel and automobiles. Depending on the company offering the specialty insurance, you can also get pet, flood and medicare supplement insurance. It is a type of insurance that can be used for just about anything, depending on what the insurance company is willing to cover.


Before choosing a specialty insurance, you still need to be aware that certain features and policies are available just like normal insurance. For example, in regard to pet insurance, a policy is likely to cover cats, dogs and sometimes horses. However, few specialty insurance policies cover exotic animals. This means that reptiles and ferrets are often not covered. As with any type of insurance, the more coverage you get, the higher your premium is going to be. So if you get travel insurance from a specialty insurance provider, you might be covered for doctor visits while you’re overseas. However, you might have to pay extra to be covered for canceled trips.

Choosing a Specialty Insurance Company

As with any other insurance, shop around before choosing a specialty insurance company. Start by searching for companies that offer policies that cover your individual needs. For example, if you’re looking for medicare supplement insurance, include that in your search. There are many financial holding companies that focus on specialty insurance, including Delphi Financial Group. The success of these holding companies depends largely on their CEOs. For example, Robert Rosenkranz is the CEO of Delphi Financial Group and the director of the Rosenkranz Foundation. Individuals like this make running these companies possible.

Specialty insurance is not something that is needed by everyone. In some cases, people are simply unaware that there are insurance companies out there that provide coverage for items and other things that might otherwise be considered unusual by traditional insurers. Specialty insurance is the best way to protect the things that are important to you and to protect your investments. Whether it’s a special event, a trip around the world or a pure bred animal, there is a type of specialty insurance out there for you.