The Top 15 Steps to How to Shop Online Safely

In this day and age shopping has never been made easier. You can shop till you drop from the comfort of your own home. However, online shopping can be risky as well. Account details including your credit card information can get hacked easily.

Don’t worry though – here are the 15 steps that will help you to shop online safely.

#1. Use a trusted website.

Always shop on popular sites.  Amazon, Target, eBay, and Etsy are sites you can trust. If you are looking for a less known website, take a look at whether the site is hosted on a ‘https’ server. That’s why it is so important when you love to playing online games, to make sure that the site is hosted on a ‘https’ server, like it does on the Betchain bonus code for instance. Or when you’re looking for online reviews. You have to look for things that make you trust the site more.

#2. Check for SSL.

The secure sockets layer is an important aspect which you should check. Never shop at a site that does not have a padlock at the left of the URL search bar.

#3. Protect your information.

There are scammers online who can collect your private data. Thus do not give out information such as your credit card number and passwords.

#4. Keep tabs on your statements.

When you are shopping, you must keep tabs on your transactions. This will ensure that there are no fraudulent fees you are paying.

#5. Have an antivirus program.

Some breachers can hack your computer. Therefore you must have an antivirus program and keep on updating it regularly.

#6. Do not shop over public WiFi.

Hackers can easily breach your information if you use public WiFi in places such as a restaurant. You can have your private WiFi to keep you safe.

#7.  Avoid shopping in an open area.

It is safer to shop in a private area since you will be sharing your credit card information. However, when you are shopping in a conspicuous place, onlookers can quickly get your information. Keep your data safe.

#8. Have strong passwords.

Create passwords that are unbackable. Also, change them regularly.

#9. Shop using your mobile device.

Since you always have your cellphone with you, then you can shop online with it. You can download apps such as aa eBay and Amazon on your phone’s store.

#10. Pay using a mobile.

A lot of online shopping sites have mobile apps that make it easier to make payments. Instead of credit payments, you get a verification code that you transact with.

#11. Be wary of gift cards.

If the deal is too good think twice. Scammers use gift cards to prey on online shoppers.

#12. Check the reviews.

You have to read the reviews of every shopping site. If the reports are all but pleasant, be wary. Also if there are lots of complaints then keep away from it.

#13. Don’t get embarrassed to complain.

If your goods are not delivered, then complain and be loud about it.

#14. Be wary of low prices.

Online shopping sites tend to offer low prices on some products. You can compare prices on other websites to keep yourself safe.

#15. Avoid email scams

Do not click on emails from unknown senders.