7 Frugal Spring Shopping Tips

Spring is the time when everyone craves a fresh, new look. The arrival of warmer weather encourages us to try new styles and embrace the delights of spring. However, there is a huge temptation to go out and splurge on a totally new wardrobe. It’s easy to convince yourself that you really do need 50 new items of clothing because they are necessities for the spring season. Stop right there. Pause for a moment and remind yourself that there are other ways to revamp your wardrobe than spending all your savings on a shopping spree. You can be frugal when it comes to spring shopping. Here are 9 ideas to keep costs down on your spring shopping.

1. Evaluate Your Wardrobe

The first thing you need to do is evaluate your wardrobe so that you can decide what you really need. Pick out everything you need for spring and see if there are any essential items missing. Donate any clothes you know you won’t use to charity and put all your winter clothes in storage.

2. Sell Old Items Online

After sorting through your wardrobe you will have a pile of old clothes you don’t need. Instead of throwing them away why not try and sell them online? It’s environmentally sustainable and you can find some great resources like this one from bibandtuck.com Instead of buying and selling for money, your essentially swopping items with virtual cash.

3. Make A Spring Shopping List

Everybody knows if you go shopping without a list you are likely to buy more than you need. Make a list of absolutely essential items and then try and think of places you might be able to get them at a discounted price. Take your list with you when you go shopping and stick to it.

4. Car Boot Sales

Everyone seems to sort through their house in the spring so car boot sales begin to get busier. Find out where your local car boot sale is and see what bargains you can find. People will be selling perfectly good clothes, you are also likely to find unique and vintage pieces to add something different to your wardrobe.

5. Charity Shops

You can pick up some amazing bargains in charity shops. Lots of people clear out their wardrobe in spring so you will have plenty of choice. Occasionally you can find some top brands in charity shops for very low prices. According to Neil at Sock Supermarket “Charity shops are also quite good for accessories so make sure you keep an eye out for pieces that could transform your outfits.”

6. Make Winter Clothes Work

Don’t discard all your winter clothes, you may be able to work some into your spring wardrobe. It’s not always warm in the spring and sometimes you need a bit of warmth. For example, you can team up a warmer winter jumper with a spring skirt.

7. Spring Accessories

You don’t have to buy new items of clothing every year. You might have all the clothes you need but you just need a little something extra to make your outfits stand out. Instead of buying new clothes that you don’t need, pick out some statement accessories to transform your spring wardrobe.