Savings tips for your visit to Monte Carlo

The bright lights of Monte Carlo in Monaco could be drawing you in, the lavish lifestyles, cruising on a P Diddy/Puff Daddy sized yacht, rubbing shoulders with Europe’s elite and winning of numbers who have only every dreamed about.

The allure of a place like Monte Carlo constantly draws flocks of people to its shores, and the Monte Carlo Resort and Casino is one such venue that has been a staple on any tourists planned outings.

Here are some savings tips you should take note of before you take your first or next trip to Monaco and the illustrious Monte Carlo Resort and Casino:

Daily schedule

There is so much to do and see in Monte Carlo, and getting to do each and every activity that tickles your fancy requires a bit of thought put into it before. Highlighting what you want to do before you go will ultimately give you a perspective of how much things will cost. Once you have all of your information in place, you can get a sense of what attractions are worth visiting on your budget and which ones will go over your limit. Stick to you limit as once you are there you could get easily distracted by the sights and sounds and your credit card could pay the price.

New gamblers beware

Movies over the years have really made it seem like everyone can get on the lucky streak and win big at a casino. NOT TRUE! A lot of games require some or a lot of skill, and knowing what you getting yourself into before you play is definitely a good savings tip. The best advise you can be given is to register at an online casino before you head on over to Monte Carlo, download the casino software at a reputable casino like Euro Palace and get some good practice in before you spend money at the tables or at the slots machine at the casino. You want to have the best time possible, but coming back from a night out with nothing left in your back pocket really won’t make the rest of your trip fun at all. So practice, play for free online beforehand and hone your skill. You will definitely then feel like James Bond when you get to the casino having all eyes on you and your winning streak!

Travel light

No, this isn’t so you can spend all your cash on new designer labels when you get there because that really isn’t going to help you save cash. Travelling light helps you think about what it is you actually need on your travels and not going out to go buy new products and clothing for your travels beforehand. Savings! Another bonus is that a lot of lower cost airlines in and around Europe will give you a discounted rate or won’t charge you at all for hand luggage so you can save on travel expenses for you weekend away to the Monte Carlo shores.