Friday Finds: Great PF Posts from April 19

Submitted by Betsy Muse on Fri, 04/19/2013 – 00:15

Our search this week for interesting readings in the personal finance community was not a disappointment. It’s interesting to visit all of the different sites to pick our favorites for the week. We’re new enough we haven’t settled on a short list of blogs to read. I’m not sure I want to because we might miss some gems from smaller sites and newcomers.
Celebrating Financial Freedom warns us against using a band aid to solve our financial problems when what we need is a tourniquet. 
Compounding Returns offers tips for keeping our identity safe online.
Consumerism Commentary offers excellent advice about what to do if you donate to a fraudulent charity. This is excellent and timely advice we should all follow in the coming days as we look for ways to help victims in both West, Texas and Boston.
DollarVersity provides a rundown of the benefits of telecommuting in the modern workplace and holds a discussion on the role of passion in the success of a business.
NZMuse has an interesting piece on credit cards and rewards programs and a guest post on credit cards that is also excellent and well worth the read. 
Redeeming Riches gives a list of the four biggest threats to your emergency fund.