Vote for ConsumerFu in Plutus Awards

Submitted by Betsy Muse on Wed, 08/21/2013 – 17:16

The Plutus Awards recognize personal finance bloggers and websites for their hard work in writing about and educating others on topics in personal finance. The awards will be given out at a ceremony on October 17, 2013, the night before FinCon is set to begin.

We’re excited to announce that ConsumerFu qualifies in two categories. You may nominate and vote for us by following the links below.

Best New Personal Finance Blog

This award is given to the best personal finance blog that was started in 2012 or 2013. ConsumerFu was launched in December 2012 and we’ve had a lot of fun writing pieces like 65 Ways to Save Money and more serious researched articles like How to pay for College and How Credit Scoring Works. Thanks to our readers, we’ve developed an active forum where members help each other with a wide variety of questions and concerns in the area of personal finance. We would be very honored to have your nomination for best new personal finance blog.


Best Frugality Blog

ConsumerFu also qualifies in the category of Best Frugality Blog. Much of what we’ve written in articles and blog posts and many of the discussions in our forum center around living a more frugal lifestyle. Articles like 20 Ways to Save on Car Insurance, How to Save Energy and blog posts like How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Back-to-School Shopping have all helped our readers save more and live a more frugal lifestyle. Again, we would be honored to have your nomination and vote in this category.


Thank you to all of our long-time readers and welcome to new readers. We look forward to continuing our efforts to deliver the best in personal finance through the coming year.