Opportunity – What does opportunity really mean?

Opportunity, why men become opportunists and how to find out why women marry them, what to do if the husband turns out to be addicted. It is important to know! In order not to fall for the tricks of an opportunistic lover, even if he is an irresistibly handsome man and knows how to love sweetly, you need to be able to identify with him all the positive and negative aspects of nature. Only then will no tragedy occur in your private life.

How not to fall into an Opportunity love network

They say that a woman loves with her ears, but it is less important to trust what she hears. Man is believed by deeds, not words. If a lover of sweet words understands this simple truth, she will have no problem knowing a time server. In order not to fall into his “wonderful” hands, you should follow a few simple daily rules.

Here are some tips that can be effective in such a difficult situation:

  • Wanted … Avoid occasional acquaintances. First, it is very dangerous and can lead to disaster. In Russia, at least 30,000 women between the ages of 14 and 45 disappear each year. The reasons are different; most of the cases are related to loose acquaintances. Second, among such “friends” is a large proportion of all sorts of villains. They are not all rapists and murderers, but the vast majority try to use a woman in their own selfishness. The chances of such a relationship being happy are slim. And hoping at random that you’ll be lucky, at least, is irrational.
  • Information … Consciousness is about personal and family security. You need to know as much as possible about your acquaintance: who his parents are, where he studies or works. What does he dream about, and what is his attitude towards life, family, and children? It is possible that it is a consumer. Vigilance is needed here. It is likely that this is a man who is an opportunist.
  • Not words, but deeds … There are many irresistible heartthrobs and “craftsmen” to speak in the world. But words and gloss are only forms. It can be beautiful, but it is filled with dirt. You must be able to consider it. The main thing is the essence of the personality, its inner world. It is not beautiful sentences that should be appreciated, but works. A woman who knows how to critical thinking will not fall into the snares of a rogue farmer.
  • Less compassion … You do not have to solve your husband’s problems (although there are exceptions in life). They helped a few times and then he realized that he could throw your worries on you and wait calmly on the sidelines for their successful solution. It does not paint a person. In fact, you yourself have raised the opportunist.
  • Realistic Assessing Life Together … Advice for those who have already connected their lives with an opportunistic husband. There is no need to build up the illusion that it will be corrected. Educational measures will not lead to any good. They can drag on for years and everything is useless. You really need to evaluate your chances of living with such a person. Or keep blowing your nose in a handkerchief and complaining to your friends about your husband or going away.
opportunity really mean
opportunity really mean

It is important to know! A woman with her heart should feel how to find a way out of an unattractive situation when she is having problems in the family with her opportunistic husband. How to identify a qualified person

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