Top 10 Women Bloggers in Personal Finance Community

The women writing in the personal finance genre defy the stereotype of women in business that is often portrayed by professional media. Journalists repeatedly portray woman as career saboteurs for other women. I simply have not found that to be the case here. Many of the women listed below have actively worked to help other women succeed in the personal finance community.

When I first started writing for ConsumerFu, it was natural for me to gravitate toward other blogs and websites written and run by women. When a person has walked in your shoes, it is much easier to trust that you can copy their success. 

The following personal finance writers are among the best of the best. They have worked hard to share relevant information with their readers and they’ve shown a willingness to go above the call by reaching out and helping other financial writers.

Barbara Friedberg from Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance

Barb Friedberg is hands down one of the best personal finance bloggers on the web. Barb is a financial educator and this comes through in her writing. She takes complex topics and makes them easy to understand and she does this without talking down to her readers.

Recent articles include:

Pauline Paquin from Reach Financial Independence and Make Money Your Way

Pauline is one of the more inspiring financial bloggers. She is young, driven, well-traveled and accomplished. You can tell by her writing she believes that each of us can enjoy her same success. The tone at both sites is positive and the content is informative and educational. You can read more about Pauline here.

Recent articles include:

Holly Johnson from Club Thrifty

Holly Johnson and her husband are the talent behind the extremely popular personal finance site, Club Thrifty. Holly is funny, wide open and just a wee bit profane. The combination brings a great deal of entertainment value to a rather dry subject and Holly has built quite a following.

Holly, Greg and the kids do a lot of traveling and are pros at getting great bargains and accumulating points to help pay for their adventures. If you’re looking for a huge dose of fun with your personal finance, Holly serves it up at Club Thrifty.

Recent articles include:

Eliza Cross from Happy Simple Living

If simplicity, serenity and kindness are on your list for the new year, then Eliza Cross at Happy Simple Living is your writer. Eliza shares her family’s journey and shares tips on green living, healthy eating and living a more minimalist lifestyle. An email Eliza sent to her readers over the holidays demonstrated just how kind Eliza is. In it she urged her readers to be mindful not only of their spending, but of those who aren’t as fortunate.

Recent articles include:

Anna Newell Jones from And Then We Saved

Anna Newell Jones is one of the most entertaining personal finance bloggers I’ve found. Not only does she offer great advice for ways to save money, but she has some fun and simple how-to projects on the site. She even gets her husband in on the action! Anna also developed the idea of the spending fast and offers readers a lot of support when using this method to save money.

Recent articles include:

Jackie Beck from MoneyCrush

Jackie Beck has not only developed an app that helps people reduce debt using the snowball method, but she consistently writes about topics that help people get more out of their financial and personal lives. I always feel inspired after visiting MoneyCrush.

Recent articles include:

Miss T from Prairie Eco-Thrifter

Miss T encourages people to save money by going green and living a healthier lifestyle. She and the staff writers at Prairie Eco-Thrifter offer advice on living a simpler and more cost efficient lifestyle. The site promotes gardening, going green, living and frugal lifestyle and giving back to the community. Prairie Eco-Thrifter also has a very active group of staff writers.

Recent articles include:

Elle Martinez from Couple Money

Elle Martinez not only keeps up a personal blog, where she keeps readers informed about financial news and product reviews, she writes for and the Intuit/Turbotax blog. Elle was among the first to offer me a guest post spot when I was a PF newbie and I’ve enjoyed checking up on their home brew successes.

Recent articles include:

Crystal Stemburger from Budgeting in the Fun Stuff

Crystal Stemburger retired from a cubical job before she turned 30 and directed her energy to building her online businesses. Her fun and quirky personality spills onto the pages of Budgeting in the Fun Stuff and she often emails visitors who leave comments to continue conversations in a more personal way.

Recent articles include:

Kathleen O’Malley from Frugal Portland

Kathleen has built a loyal following and she does an excellent job of keeping entertaining and informative content scrolling down the page. She sponsors the 50% Club, a group who pledge to save half of their income, and you can snag a snazzy badge if you scroll to the bottom of Frugal Portland’s ‘About’ page.

Recent articles include: