How to Save Money on Makeup

For most girls, one of our favorite hobbies is trying new makeup products. We’re always keeping up with Kylie Jenner, trying to find out what new foundation she is wearing to keep her face matte during the summer, what lipstick she wore at the concluded red carpet awards, and more.

Makeup is a girl’s second love (the first being diamonds), and this explains why we love trying different looks.

However, one of the challenges of trying to keep up with the latest makeup is that things can get quite expensive fast. What can you do to stay in vogue without spending thousands on makeup?

Read on for our top six tips for saving money on makeup.

Experiment with Multipurpose Products

Monochromatic makeup looks (wearing a single color on your cheeks, lips and eyes) usually trend during the summer. However, finding a lipstick, blush and eyeshadow all of the same color can be nearly impossible. Moreover, even if you find them, the costs of the individual items can be high.

If you would like to rock the monochromatic look but on a budget, consider multi-use products. We’re talking about things like lipsticks, liquid eyeshadows, and stick blushes that can be used on different parts of your face for a monochromatic look but with just one item.

Note: Before experimenting with multipurpose products, confirm that they are eye- and lip-safe.

Research and Shop for Dupes

For makeup enthusiasts, it seems like new beauty products are released every day. You probably know some Instagram or YouTube beauty influencers that regularly review some trendy products hyped as “limited editions”. The tag is just another way of getting you to pay more for the items.

Not all makeup products promoted by influencers are worth getting. Moreover, for those that you really feel will make a difference in your makeup regimen, there are always cheaper alternatives. We all know a girl who spends tons on her makeup; maybe one of the best Christmas gifts for her is a dupe of that insanely priced palette!

If you are dying to try a particular product, find out what makes it so special to you. Is it the fancy packaging? Does it have a sleek applicator? Are you mesmerized by its color?

After identifying what’s so unique about it, research online for a cheaper alternative that has the attributes you are looking for. The cheaper makeup versions are known as dupes.

When you use a dupe, you will get the same effect of the trendy makeup but at a cheaper cost. Dupes are also great alternatives for limited makeup versions that have been sold out.

Check Outlet Sales

When it’s time to upgrade or expand your makeup collection but you don’t necessarily have any particular products in mind, shop around. Many high-end makeup kits are sold at discounted prices at different stores. The outlets may carry famous brands as well as little-known ones. The latter are a great addition if you wish to get out of your comfort zone with some new styles.

You’ll have to do some research to get discounted makeup, especially if you are not familiar with the products you want to buy. Hop on the internet to learn more about the specific makeup products you may want to add to your collections.

Save with Rewards Programs

Another way of saving money on makeup is by signing up for rewards programs offered by your favorite stores. Nearly all large beauty stores have a loyalty or rewards program in which customer can get points whenever they shop. The points are redeemable for free products or discounts. Generally, the more you shop, the more rewards you are eligible for.

If you usually shop online, sign up for your favorite stores’ newsletters. Most stores send special offers and announcements on limited edition makeups to their newsletter subscribers. You can also follow the stores’ Facebook and Instagram accounts to get announcements about new products or promos.

Invest in Beauty Tools

You should have an essential collection of beauty tools in your makeup kit. A powder brush, liquid foundation brush, and an eyeshadow brush are not enough. You could save more on makeup if you have additional tools such as an eyebrow spoolie, eyeshadow blending brush, and a foundation sponge.

Having a comprehensive set of beauty tools will make it easy to create any makeup look, even if you have fewer and cheaper products. If you have been feeling stuck on your makeup routine, consider adding a few new brushes.

Only Buy What You Need

Finally, buy only what you need. You do not have to keep up with a trend if you don’t like it. Makeup is an individual art and you should purchase what will enhance your looks.

Before buying makeup, think of whether you will actually love wearing it. If you are buying a quality product, there is no loss in spending a little more on if it will last longer.

Follow the tips above to save money on makeup.