Internet Payments, Such As Requesting A Refund On A Purchase

If the customer has behaved carefully, he is entitled to a refund of any sums subtracted. The customer who notices an unauthorized payment or an amount other than that established can request a refund from his intermediary. The transaction must be contested as soon as possible and in any case within 13 months from the date of payment, as indicated in the contract with the bank.

Even if 13 months are allowed to request reimbursement, the customer must notify of the theft, loss or unauthorized operation as soon as he becomes aware of it. Timely communication prevents further payments from scammers and demonstrates customer diligence.

How to request a refund for electronic payments

If the customer has behaved carefully, following the rules of the contract, he is entitled to a refund of any sums stolen but he will be withheld a deductible of 50 euros on payments made before the report of theft or loss. Delayed reporting of the theft or loss of the instrument may mean, in the most serious cases, that you are not entitled to any refund. Online gaming sites like online casino has some refund policy as well.

Once the dispute of the transaction has been received, the intermediary must return the sums to the customer within a maximum of one day. However, he can recover the refund if he ascertains that the customer was not entitled to it. There is a case where the customer is always refunded, unless his fraud is proven: when the payment transaction is carried out without the use of strong authentication. Anyway, the picture is as follows:

  1. Payment card: card issuer
  2. Bank transfer: intermediary where the account is held
  3. Direct debit: intermediary where the account is held
  4. Electronic wallet (e-wallet): issuer of the instrument stored in the electronic wallet
  5. Bank transfer via closed circuit: intermediary who manages the closed circuit
  6. Bank transfer via payment order service (PIS): intermediary where the account is held

In addition to the provisions of the law, the customer who holds a payment card can benefit, if provided by the circuit, from additional protection (the chargeback, in Italian, refund) thanks to which he can request a refund of a payment also for disputes. Concerning the seller’s performance, for example due to non-delivery of products or defects. You can make secure transaction in your online account of best online pokies australia real money.

The chargeback is a contractual protection instrument that must not, however, be confused with the remedies provided by law in the event of unauthorized payments and described in the previous paragraph: for the chargeback, the conditions and times provided for by the rules of the payment circuit apply, not those established by law.

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